Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plugged in Again!

I've often made fun of those crazy people whose lives revolve around their cell phones and the information they can access through them. And now...I'm afraid that I've become one of those crazies!

After drowning mine, Verizon fixed me up with a loaner phone, which was....better than nothing. But because I lost all my contacts, the technician gave me Paul's list which included a few family numbers, so that helped ease my pain. But, little did I know that when I erased a contact on my new loaner phone, it disappeared off Paul's phone too because they were linked through HIS G-mail account. (Why don't they tell you those things?) And, let me tell you, I DELETED! I zapped out names of legislators, lawyers, lobbiests, teachers, neighbors, implement dealers, salesmen.......oops!

Long story short, I now have my new phone....and the genius technician was kind enough to save our marriage by retrieving Paul's contacts for him from an old phone. Whew!

I'm pleased to be plugged in again. And I made a promise and repeated it out loud to Floyd (my Droid). "On my honor, I will do my duty to be much more careful. I promise not to drop, lose, drowned or mistreat you."

Like my friend Lisa might say, "At least I know I'm crazy!"

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